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Our team
Klaus D. Vervuert [1]
Doctor Honoris Causa, Universität Münster.
Founder and General Director.
Eva Ares [2]
J.D. University of Valladolid; Master of European Studies, Universität Bonn.
Client care for libraries in Northern European countries. (Frankfurt)
Rebecca Aschenberg [3]
M.A. in Latin American Studies, Freie Universität Berlin.
Assistant to the director. Client care for libraries in Switzerland, Near East, and North Africa. Editor of titles in Linguistics. (Madrid)
Isabel Ballesteros [4]
M.A. in Philosophy, Universidad Complutense Madrid.
Manager of our bookstore at the Center for Humanities and Social Sciences and responsible for relationships with our Spanish vendors. (Madrid)
Simón Bernal [5]
M.A. in American History/Anthropology, Universidad Complutense Madrid.
Responsible for our academic journals and for various series, especially those related to Anthropology, History, and Cultural History. (Madrid)
Anne-Kathrin Distler [6]
M.A. in Romance Languages and Literature, Universität Heidelberg.
Editor primarily of publications in German. Client care for libraries in Great Britain, Ireland, and Denmark. (Frankfurt)
Loly Fuentes [7]
B.S. in Library Science, Universidad Complutense Madrid.
Responsible for cataloguing titles and for client care for libraries in Spain. (Madrid)
David García [8]
Warehouse manager and responsible for logistics, packing, and shipping. (Madrid)
Estella Llorente [9]
Administrative assistant. Responsible for journal and series subscriptions. Accounting and billing. (Frankfurt)
Daniel Mencía [10]
Responsible for logistics, packing, and shipping; warehouse staff. (Madrid)
José Carlos Morales [11]
M.A. in Literature, Universidad Autónoma de México.
Responsible for relationships with our Latin American vendors and manager of our bookstore at calle Huertas, 40. (Madrid)
Raquel Muñoz [12]
B.S. in Library Science, Universidad Carlos III Madrid.
Responsible for cataloguing Spanish and Latin American titles. (Madrid)
José Ignacio Padilla [13]
Ph.D. in Literature, Princeton University.
General manager of our bookstores, responsible for approvals and blanket orders. Editor of books on poetry and poetics. (Madrid)
María Pizarro [14]
Ph.D. in Literature, Brown University.
Responsible for digital publications and for relationships with libraries in the United States and Canada. Editor of titles on Contemporary Literature. (Madrid)
Armin Ruhland [15]
M.A. in History of Art and Literature, Universität Regensburg.
General manager of the book distribution. Responsible for the program development and logistics. Supervision of approvals in Art and History, and responsible for the relationships with libraries in Germany and the United States. (Madrid)
Angela Scherer [16]
M.A. in Comparative Literature, Universität Mainz.
Responsible for relationships with libraries in Germany, France and Austria. Coordinator of our orders department. (Frankfurt)
Beatrice Vervuert [17]
M.S. in Socioeconomics, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.
Manager of the Frankfurt branch. Responsible for marketing and relationships with libraries in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Australia and New Zealand. (Frankfurt)
Ruth Vervuert [18]
M.A. in European Ethnology/Cultural Studies, Universität Marburg.
Coordinator of the distribution of our publications, sales manager, and editor of general titles. Responsible for relationships with clients in Asia and the Middle East. (Madrid)
Ana Viviani [19]
Marketing Studies in Córdoba (Argentina).
Responsible for orders from Spanish bookshops and distributors. Accounting and billing. (Madrid)
Anne Wigger [20]
Doctorate in Hispanic Studies, Universität Münster.
Editorial Manager, responsible for publishing planning, especially for the Literature and Culture of the Golden Age series. Responsible for relationships with libraries in Italy. (Madrid)
About us
Iberoamericana / Vervuert was founded in Frankfurt in 1975 as a bookstore specializing in the distribution of academic works and belles lettres, focusing on books and journals published in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. In 2004 the bookstore “Iberoamericana” in Madrid opened its doors in the Arts and Letters neighborhood of Huertas, as an establishment specializing in Hispanic Humanities.

The publication of the journal Iberoamericana in 1977 marked the beginning of our publishing activity. Currently, we publish about 75 titles a year, mostly in Spanish, with a primarily academic program in History, Literature, Art and Language in Spain and Latin America. Along with the journal Iberoamericana, which after three decades has become one of the most respected publications in the field of Spanish and Latin American Studies, we also publish RILI (Revista Internacional de Lingüística Iberoamericana), dedicated to the Ibero-Romance languages.

Our company’s publishing and bookselling policy is based on dialogue and international exchange. Over 3,000 authors and collaborating editors, as well as the directors of our 25 plus book series, hail from several countries not only in Spain and Latin America, but also from USA and countries across Europe.

The scholarly rigor of our publications is a fundamental part of our philosophy. All our titles are subject to peer review by independent evaluators and researchers in the field. We are currently amongst the most prestigious academic publishers specializing in Spanish and Latin American Studies.

Our bookstore and publishing branches benefit mutually from our network of contacts and can thus respond to the needs and specific requirements of our market. Through print and electronic catalogs, bibliographical cards or listings, we prepare individualized offers for our clients. Major US and Canadian university libraries receive our books or those of other Spanish or Latin American publishers through approval plans or blanket orders. We also have many clients from other European countries, and from as far away as Japan and Australia.